Scale up radiotherapy business, technical team build out

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Posting date: 20/05/2024

Scale up radiotherapy business, technical team build out

Case study

The overview

Our partner, a high-tech scale up radiotherapy business, needed our support to build out their technical team to help them implement new installations nationally, supporting growth plans and delivering on new sales contracts signed.

The challenge

The business needed technical leadership in place to help shape the build and wanted to bring in a VP of Software to oversee the technical team build and then roll out a national team build of from direct competitors. Our partner was struggling to find the right people as there was a limited pool of suitable candidates in the locations they were hiring in.

The solution

We put in place a singular point of contact and a weekly meeting which allowed us to feedback to the business our progress, any updates and create an open dialogue for us to be able to advise on any challenges with the search or any solutions. We utilised our global resourcing teams along the east and west coast which allowed ongoing and consistent headhunting to take place, filtering relevant profiles through to our account manager who turned this into a shortlist of 6 profiles.

The outcome

• We sent six relevant profiles sent within four weeks, five first stage interviews took place, one candidate, who came from a direct competitor was taken to final, offer made and accepted

• After placing the VP of Software, we worked with the placed candidate to define a team structure, define technical and geographical requirements for the team build

• Off the back of this placement, we then went on to place the following candidates. Software Test Engineer, two Mechanical Engineers, a Medical Physicist, and two Senior Technical Program Directors

• From here we were asked to help support on a commercial project in Europe, this was approached by putting an exclusive contingent agreement in place and utilising our European Commercial sourcing business

• We have also been retained as a valued partner moving forward with a number of requests for market info, salary benchmarking and general talent insights